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Gil Goldstein with Bobby McFerrin

Check out Gil Goldstein with Bobby McFerrin and the spirityouall band performing Gil’s arrangement of “Swing Low” with the  Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, live in Gdansk, Poland at the Solidarity of Arts Festival, 17 August 2013 in our featured video for January!

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Marcus Strickland in the New York Times!

Check out Marcus Strickland featured in The New York Times!


Since 2001, the tenor and soprano saxophonist Marcus Strickland has been pursuing parallel interests in jazz as a well-defined, acoustic, instrumental

tradition and, with his band Twi-Life, as a jumping-off place for satisfying other urges: R&B, hip-hop, saxophone-choir writing, West African music.

‘Nihil Novi,’ his best work with Twi-Life and his broadest statement yet, feels timely… Produced by Meshell Ndegeocello and dotted with guest

appearances from musicians including the singer Jean Baylor, the bassist Pino Palladino and the drummer Chris Dave, it’s a record of serene refusal,

floating among traditions rather than settling within one.